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Actually more like "Ohhh, birds!"
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Happy Niu Year!

Taken in December 2008 on Miyajima. A lady was posing her pooches with cow headbands. (The only thing I have to say is that no pair of cats would sit still for this sort of thing and it would involve securing the headgear on with velcro straps.)
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Finally caught up with f-list, arts sites, fiction sites, etc, etc. X'mas pressies sent/given/received.

And gym. Oh my knee joints.

I am beginning to have an unhealthy obsession with Six Feet Under.

And a strange thing for Michael C. Hall after watching Dexter.
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In Japan. I am blogging about it on the blog.
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Read Nation by Terry Pratchett in under 5 hours. Despite it not being Discworld, it's great on its own merits.
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The food scares are going to result in everyone eating grass soon. And then someone will point out the unhealthy herbicide levels in grass.

I don't think we used to scrutinise everything we put in our mouths so closely until this year. Not to mention the fact that a diet of processed food already means we are chock-full of artificial colouring agents, preservatives, artificial sweetners, chemicals and the other stuff vaguely hinted about on the ingredients list.

(I've been there for four years already, and so I've been eating the biscuits in the pantry for four years. Now they say don't eat the biscuits . . . Haha, bit too late, isn't it?)
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Buggering off to Ireland and UK. Back in two weeks.
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Tempus fugit.
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Another week. Hmm.

Saw The Phantom of the Opera yesterday. Funny how it always seemed better the first time--and that was ten years ago.
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Hogfather the live-action movie!

The 12 Days of Hogswatch and the Making of Section here (click the tabs on the right):

Eh. I wonder can I get it on cable?
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D. Gray-man fangirling )
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a. Post a list of 15 fandoms.
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each one, and your favorite pairing.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

Some fandoms are rather obscure . . . )
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Collage . . . )
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とても忙しい 。 。 。

最近は、新しいメル友と仲良くしてますした。 伊太利からの帝国千戦記ファンです。あの人は郎猫ルのゲームが好きです。同じ嗜好です 。 。 。^^;;

あの人は元堅が大好きです。暗合ですね。私のメル友は誰もかも元堅が一番大好き 。 。 。
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