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Wanted: a good home for these itemsfor I suffer from chronic space-shortage.

All second-hand, but in good condition. All from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Click on the images to get the larger versions.

Read first:

- First come, first serve basis. Comment with a) the title of the item(s) you want and b) country of residence. I will get around to replying with the shipping cost after whipping out my trusty kitchen scales.

- Practice internet safety--please do not leave your details like your address in the comments. That sort of thing should be done within Paypal or Personal Messaging (PM).

- Payment by Paypal only please--it's also for age-verification. Payment within 3 days please.

- Prices in US$.

- Shipping is by airmail from South East Asia. If you live where I live, collection can be arranged (subject to work schedule).

- Registered mail is an extra US$2. It's not compulsory, but recommended.

- I cannot guarantee any items against loss, accidents or damages unless the buyer requests to buy insurance.

- As I don't do this to make a living and the full-time job takes up most of my week, I try to go to the post office once a week and drop everything off in one batch. I will PM or email the buyer when the items are mailed out.

- Packing involves a sturdy paper envelope, recycled cardboard backing (for skinny books that bend easily) and plastic bag around the book. Bubble-wrap is an extra US$1. Use less plastic-based materials, yo. You can say "no" to the cardboard backing as well. (For large and thick packages, I can provide a plastic envelope.)


- Feel free to ask questions if you want to know the contents, have a brief summary, see the artwork, etc.

- Yes, I do have an eBay account. I have 100% positive feedback as a seller and a buyer. However, I only post auctions when the free listings promotions pop up. (Paypal takes a percentage for every payment and eBay requires a percentage for every auction successfully won plus listing fees. Hence the LJ sales.)

- I don't bite. It's okay to retract an offer because you're strapped/changed your mind after 3 days.

- Yes, you can use Paypal even without a Personal account.

- Reviews and summaries are linked to my blog. Which is definitely not a worksafe place.


2 sheets of douga from Kyou Kara Maou (Episode 5)
$5 for both.


B'sLog November 2006

B'sLog October 2006

B'sLog September 2006

B'sLog October 2005

Note: They are kind of heavy.
Comes with their respective CDs, posters, etc.
Price: $6 each.

Doujinshi: Bleach, Code Geass, Death Note, FMA

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