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For my own reference . . .

Which is a truly historic event. Without the aid of any Japanese or English game guides beyond the order of missions that some kind soul on the BL games ML provided.

Order in which Zettai Fukujuu Meirei should be attempted to prevent time-outs:
1. Eduard
2. Anel
3. Ali
4. Dirk
5. Hagen
6. Ferdinand
7. Jens
8. Werner
9. Timo
10. Zhores
11. Lawless
12. Silvio

1st--choose Option 1 (Eduard answers Kia. Eduard has conflicting feeling--he then starts touching himself.)

2nd--choose Option 1 (This will result in one of three possible haystack scenes.)

3rd--choose Option 2 (Do it in the chapel.)

1st--choose Option 1 (The tutor route.)

2nd--choose Option 1 (All the way. Very disturbing. To me, at least.)

3rd--choose Option 2 (Don't forgive the ugly bloke--whack him. This will, strangely enough, gain Louise brownie points.)

1st--choose Option 1 (The bodyguard route.)

2nd--choose Option 1 (No love yet--Kia has to save Ali first.)

3rd--choose Option 2 (Then they go for a press conference. Sex will follow.)

4th--choose Option 2 (After sex, there is the shower scene. Let Ali handle the cleaning up himself.)

5th--choose Option 1 (Go find the bugger who's trying to make an attempt on Ali's life. Kia will show just what a manly man he is. Sex will follow.)

6th--choose Option 1 (Nibble his ear. Whacky Endo ensues.)

1st--choose Option 1 (Save Dirk.)

2nd--choose Option 1 (Blanket BL scene will ensue after Kia saves Dirk's bacon again.)

3rd--choose Option 1 (Another under one blanket scene. Plus the rescue of children from a burning building.)

4th--choose Option 1 (Save Dirk (again)! Happi Endo!)

1st--choose Option 1 (No time for lunch with fangirl nurses! Bump into Louise, get date . . .)

2nd--choose Option 1 (Hentai hospital scenes.)

3rd--choose Option 1 (Do the operation. Go to pieces so that Louise can pick Hagen up again. Rabu-rabu ensues. Extremely funny Happi Endo!)

1st--choose Option 1

2nd--choose Option 1 (Ensuing scene will have Louise taking Ferdinand's cherry in a secret glade.)

3rd--choose Option 2 (Choose the bedroom. Sex with roses. Extremely funny Happi Endo!)


These characters can die in a spectacular fashion . . .
Ali (Waaaaaaaahhhhhh! T__T I cried over this.)

Virgin Tally (as in with men):

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Mmmh, this can be quite an helpful guide!

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This game REALLY annoyed me.
I bought it and was actually making a complete walkthrough for it... and then I totally spasmed. The way they made the endings go doesn't go too much according to action: for instant, the really good ending with Anel was the one were you did lots of bad things and, when you did good things (and naughty ones, ofc)to get closer to him, you got very sucky endings. This went for three charas I did, making all the paths possible and... Well, that fed me up to the point I completly quitted.

Good game just bad that most paths were a bit disconnected from the choises, imo.

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I have given up on understanding the reasons behind the routes in most Japanese BL games. It does not make any sense to me. And I am Asian! ^^

I think everything is just random and weird in BL games. Maybe the game makers believe that it reflects how love works. *laughs*